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I created this Tech Blog to help me remember the things I’ve learned in the past, so my future-self doesn’t have to re-learn them in the future.


How to filter your query with params in Django Rest - Part I

2021-11-05 — 2 minutes read
#django  #djangorestframework  #queryset 
How to filter your queryset with query params in Django Rest Framework - Part I

Postmortem Debugging in pytest

2021-10-15 — One minute read
#python  #pytest  #debug 
How to start python debugger automatically after a test error, a.k.a. postmortem debugging

Connect Redis from Another Container

2021-10-08 — 2 minutes read
#docker  #redis  #network 
How to connect a container from another container

django-environ with Lists Environment Varibles in .env Files

2021-10-01 — One minute read
#django  #python  #environment  #config 
How to get list environment variables like ALLOWED_HOSTS from .env files with django-environ

Create Automatic SSL and DNS from Cloudflare for Kubernetes Ingress Resources

2021-08-26 — 3 minutes read
#kubernetes  #ingress  #ssl  #cloudflare 
How to create automatic ssl certificates and dns records for your websites from your kubernetes ingress resource