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I created this Tech Blog to help me remember the things I’ve learned in the past, so my future-self doesn’t have to re-learn them in the future.


Placeholder Templatetags Django

2021-06-03 — One minute read
#django  #django-html 
How to make a templatetag which lets you add the html placeholder attribute to your form field

Django Custom Model Field - Positive Decimal Field

2021-05-27 — 2 minutes read
#django  #python  #database  #unittest 
How to get create custom field for django models. How to make a positive decimal field.

Custom Model Field Validator - Django

2021-05-20 — One minute read
#django  #python  #database 
How to get create custom validator for django model fields. How to make a django model field greater than zero.

Decimal Precision and Rounding in Python

2021-05-13 — 2 minutes read
How to get desired precision and rounding in python. How do I round to 2 decimals?

Postmortem Debugging in Python

2021-05-06 — One minute read
#python  #debugging 
How to start python debugger automatically on error, a.k.a. postmortem debugging