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What does rc mean in bashr, zshrc, vimrc etc?

2020-03-17 — One minute
#unix  #linux  #cli 
What does rc even mean?

Make Vim Default Editor For Git and OS

2020-03-10 — One minute
#vim  #git  #vcs  #linux 
I prefer to write my git commit messages in Vim instead of nano or emacs or anything. To set this

How to Exit Vim

2020-03-03 — One minute
You are stuck and want to escape from Vim?

Ignore Directories in Tree

2020-02-25 — 2 minutes
#bash  #zsh  #linux  #unix 
tree displays the structures of the given directory. To ignore directory/directories you can give

Test Environment Variables in Python

2020-02-18 — 2 minutes
#python  #test  #unittest  #pytest 
If you are working with environment variables you need to set, change or delete the values from the system for testing purposes