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I created this Tech Blog to help me remember the things I’ve learned in the past, so my future-self doesn’t have to re-learn them in the future.


How to Remove Dashes in UUID

2020-09-10 — 2 minutes
#python  #utils  #uuid 
How to remove dashes in an uuid string

Deployment Django on Heroku with a Different Branch

2020-09-03 — 4 minutes
#django  #heroku  #deployment  #production 
Deployment Django on Heroku With a Different Branch other than master

General Naming Conventions for Python

2020-07-10 — One minute
#python  #pep8 
Basic Style Guide for Python Code - PEP 8

Exit/Detach Tmux Session

2020-07-03 — One minute
#tmux  #terminal  #cli 
How to exit tmux without quitting the terminal

Fix a Detached HEAD - Git

2020-06-23 — One minute
#git  #vcs 
How to fix a detached HEAD - Git