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Service Account in GCP with Terraform

2022-07-08 (Edited: 2022-07-15) — 7 minutes read
#GCP  #IAM  #terraform  #hcl  #IaC 
How to create Service Account with RSA key pairs in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Terraform

Git ignore files locally and temporarily

2022-07-01 — 2 minutes read
How to ignore some files locally and temporarily in git version control system

Delete Python’s __pycache__ directories

2022-06-23 — 4 minutes read
How to ‘remove’ Python’s __pycache__ directories and .pyc files

(Neo)Vim Syntax Highlight for Hugo HTML Templates

2022-06-16 — 3 minutes read
#neovim  #vim  #hugo 
How to set up your (n)vim editor for editing Hugo HTML Template files

How to Resize Tmux Panes

2022-05-05 — 2 minutes read
How to resize tmux panes within windows