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I created this Tech Blog to help me remember the things I’ve learned in the past, so my future-self doesn’t have to re-learn them in the future.


Sign In Vault with Github

2023-06-30 — One minute read
#vault  #hashicorp  #github 
How to sign in Hashicorp Vault with Github PAT (Personal Access Token)

DRF - Map Filter QuerySet Parameters (Part V)

2023-06-09 — 2 minutes read
#django  #djangorestframework  #filter  #search 
How to map some url filter query parameters to different model fields in Django REST Framework

Patch Berkeley Mono Font with Nerd Fonts

2023-04-21 — 4 minutes read
How to patch Berkeley Mono font with Nerds Fonts Patcher to add icons

Docker Default Build ARG values

2023-03-30 — 2 minutes read
How to use ARG and pass default values in Docker

Debugging Python with PuDB inside Docker

2023-03-03 — 3 minutes read
#python  #debug 
How to debug python code with PuDB inside a docker container