After searching in Vim with / all occurences highlighted and this stays for a while. It may be a unwanted or even annoying thing. There are many methods to disable it;

0: Temporarily Disable

To turn off highlight until next search, in exe mode:


1: Persistent Disable

If you want to disable it completely:

1.0: For existing session/buffer:

In exe mode:

:set nohlsearch

1.1: For all sessions/buffers:

Put this in your .vimrc:

" disable search highlight
set nohlsearch


I personally use ’temporarily disable’ with key mapping. I mapped :noh to <esc> key. Since hitting <esc> is a very common and intuitive situtation in Vim.

" noh - no highlight
map <esc> :noh <CR>

You can also map nohlsearch to a key for toggling.

All done!